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Top selling product made of top quality ingredients!

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United States Minnesota
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30 Days
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45 Day E-Juice Guarantee

Every flavor by VistaVapors is backed by a 10ml Bottle Guarantee for up to 45 days after receiving your e-juice. This means that if you have a bottle of e-juice that you do not like, you may send it back to us (the bottle must be more than half full). In return, you will get a Store Credit for a 10ml bottle of your choice to try as a replacement for that bottle!

For juice that is made incorrectly, send us a message, and we will go through the necessary procedures to get you a replacement of that bottle of juice. The following are valid concerns when deciding if the juice was made incorrectly:

> Wrong Bottle Size
> Bottle is defective
> Flavor is incorrect
Seller Performance: 100%
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